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Richard Kolasa, Jr.
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The end of the affair

The weight of the world

The kindness gone to bed

It’s free of your laughter

Alive after all 

Sexual attraction is confusing, maddening, euphoric, even dangerous.
It drives people to extreme behavior, even unspeakable crimes.
The beating pulse, the sweating palms, the rise of chemicals in the brain are the symptoms of a much deeper, more mysterious affliction.
The mechanism that chooses and controls the objects of sexual desire can only be found in the heart of the unexplained.
Chet Faker - Love & Feeling
Jul 7, 2014
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House of Dior @ MMoA (x)

I love imagining myself wearing these

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We are made to break
but it is in the pieces
we will find ourselves.
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Kevin Champeny
Rusted Oak
36”wide x 25”tall x 18”deep 36 lbs

Bonsai tree constructed from 5000+ feet of copper coated steel, 24 running feet of 36 gauge copper tooling foil.  300+ hand cut and patinated Oak leaves.  After the tree was completed, it was left out in the elements to rust. The tree is hand tied to the stone, no welding or glue of any kind was involved, tension alone holds the tree to the stone and the leaves to the branches.


what music looks like
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what music looks like

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Crown Vase (via Lambert Rainville | From Quebec)
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